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We develop the tools to grow your business.

Mobile Apps development simplifies the customer work and access; thus applications work as a great database backup within several platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. Emasis Software likes to provide high quality through its wide range of mobile applications regarding informative, interactive, business or entertainment industries. Emasis Apps are designed for every company who looks for success and new opportunities for business growth. We, a group of technically knowledgeable engineers, work along with you in order to define ideas and provide quality to your final product.

Resource Trace

Modular application whose primary function is monitoring resources within work setting. Furthermore, a resource has tools that allow current assignments to be classified. The application includes 2 main portals, the User and Administration Portal.


Social Media Trace

Monitoring social media based on the management system, and allows the client to observe social media activity. The client may carry out a word search and the application will immediately display every comment containing the searched word. In the time the comments will be stored in the database, they´ll be classified and a report might be elaborated regarding the classification, social media and client.


Reef Trace

Comprehensive mobile app that is built to help all aquarists, whether hobbyist or professional, to maintain their tanks properly. Yo may keep track of tank parameters and changes in health, growth, color changes, diseases, etc., to make sure your ecosystem is healthy and thriving.